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The Hollywood Hills Dollhouse offers a unique architectural, visual and lifestyle experience. Named to evoke a childhood memory of a dollhouse, this imposing architectural structure has a luxurious front facade and behind a remaining structure that is comprised of almost all glass giving the appearance and feeling of a dollhouse.


This stunning gem is incomparable as there is no other house in the Los Angeles area that shares this unique architectural design. This unrivaled property is not the standard rectangular cube seen throughout the Hollywood Hills but an elegant, design-centric structure consisting of wood, glass and steel overlooking the city of Los Angeles and beyond.


The rich, glossy Brazilian IPE hardwood that envelops the structure gives the Hollywood Hills Dollhouse its recognizability from miles away, during both daytime and at night. The Hollywood Hills Dollhouse is brilliantly designed with an entrance that gives way to a sprawling open space with endless possibilities and approximately 13,000 sq feet for living and playing.


This marvelous home offers unparalleled openness, complete ceiling to floor windows that provide the combination of its stunning views with the proximity to the city. This state-of-the art property was developed and built around three core principles: an unique and recognizable architectural design, endless views and a hotel-like experience.


The Hollywood Hills Dollhouse stands on a peerless magnificent promontory above the heart of the Sunset Strip giving it a stellar geography and equipping its exclusive 300 degrees plus views. The house is designed taking advantage of the different hillside elevations which allows viewers seven vertical vantage points and elevations overlooking the city and its surroundings.


The house sits centrally located within the mountain itself giving it a wider range of captivating views. On every level there is a superb wrap-around experience where one can walk from one end of the property to the other while enjoying uninterrupted views.

The Hollywood Hills Dollhouse comprises four levels named for their functionality and versatility. First area, also known as the Play, Work and Be Well level is a 4000 square foot basement level comprised of terrace, orchard and indoor and outdoor space. In this level, there is also a Wellness Center with a twenty-three jet spa, a dry and infrared heat sauna, an aromatherapy Roman bath and a steam room. Also, on this level is what is dubbed the Play room with a red draped theater, game room, and a wine bar and cellar.


An indoor-outdoor creative office space with a full-wall whiteboard, desks and conference table called the Work room is next door. Because this house is built with luxury amenities bearing in mind its future residents’ lifestyle it has an exterior basement stairwell allowing staff, associates, yoga instructors, personal trainers, masseuse or stylists to arrive without entering via the main entrance. This feature provides an additional level of preferred privacy and decadence. Every detail of this house has been flawlessly curated to provide the utmost quality of luxe living. The Hollywood Hills Dollhouse has an entrance level with almost 2000 square foot ground floor that expands into an opulent 1800 square foot pool deck and catwalk. This area is referred to as Entertain level because it was designed to be the quintessential California experience. It has a spacious living area, full amenities kitchen and a phenomenal pool deck that overlooks a unique geometrically shaped pool and spa.


The exquisite Masterpiece bedroom and three regal, en-suite bedrooms are situated on a sprawling 2,300 square foot floor designed around the breathtaking views. The Masterpiece bedroom, which is the name of the primary or master bedroom, embraces all the concepts that predominate in the creation of this house- modern architecture, energy, breathtaking views, functionality, recognizability, and luxury. The rooftop is named the Take your Breath Away level is an 2,800 square foot open rooftop with a wrap-around, 360-degree deck that provides a spectacular visual experience. It was designed to evoke a wondrous reaction in whomever walks towards this space.


Each level is named after a verb mainly to illustrate what this monumental 13,000 square foot of meticulously developed space can provide which is a sanctuary to play, work, be well, entertain, rest and enjoy the breathtaking views in a tranquil setting. Simply put, the Hollywood Hills Dollhouse is unmatched in everything it has to offer. It is one of a kind and you will get a sense of awe the minute you set foot in this house beyond comparison.

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